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Following is a comprehensive MailDirect pricing covering different aspects of digital marketing.

MailDirect follows a data-transfer based pricing model, which we believe is a more flexible and cost-effective approach for you than a per-email pricing.

After all, if your message sizes are smaller, which is a good practice anyway, shouldn’t you benefit by being able to send more messages than someone with larger message sizes? This is just one more among the many thoughtful features of MailDirect.

Estimating your data-transfer needs is extremely simple:
Msg. size (KB) X List-size X No. of campaigns /1000

Data Transfer Per MonthAnnual Charges Rs
5 GB48,000
7.5 GB67,500
10 GB84,000
15 GB117,000
20 GB144,000
25 GB165,000


  • Data Transfer Packs come with a validity period of 1-year.
  • Renewal of Data Transfer Pack is required in the event of expiry of the validity period.
  • Prices are subject to change in view of development of new services, features and plug-ins.
  • Prices mentioned do not include the cost of migration and training. The same will be extra.
  • Service Tax and/or any other Govt. levies in force/as applicable will be levied on the above mentioned prices.


  • Your monthly consumption will be monitored and in case your consumption exceeds the Monthly Permissible Data Transfer (Annual Data Transfer/12), invoice for excess transfer will be raised.
  • The excess transfer charges are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

We’d be happy to help refine your estimates and also assist in ensuring your messages are optimally sized for delivery, please drop us a line