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How do you go about taking a decision on a new feature that you’d like to introduce? How do you find out how your people feel about a new policy that the HR Dept. recently announced? How do you ensure that your customers get to clearly communicate their opinions to you? The MailDirect Surveys module is a convenient tool for rapidly creating and deploying online surveys. Whether you’d like comments on a new feature you’re about to introduce, or feedback on the quality of customer-support that your team delivers, the Surveys module is meant for all your information needs. The Surveys module supports both open-access and by-invite response gathering, and features an intuitive survey-creation interface and convenient reports

Features and Benefits

Ease of use

  • Browser-based Survey Editor tool, to directly create your online surveys online;
  • A variety of question-types to tackle the type of response required;
  • Mandatory Question mechanism, to ensure that critical questions are not skipped;
  • Customization – themes, logo, etc. to ensure that your customer has a consistent engagement with you and your brand.

Multi-Channel Response Gathering

  • For public (unrestricted) access surveys, the Survey Module provides you a hyperlink that can be circulated.
  • For restricted-access by-invite-only surveys, the Survey Module allows you to send individual invitations containing a custom link to the survey.
  • Combine both of the above options – email your key accounts and also provide a link to the survey on your web-site for visitors.

Analysis Features

  • Response alerts via email to track the progress of your survey.
  • Real time reports and live graphs and charts for your survey responses, summary as well as detailed.
  • You can also download a summary report of the survey in Excel format.


Surveys are priced on slabs of ‘no. of surveys’, without any restrictions on the number of participants in each survey, or anything else.

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